Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring is a Time for Change

Spring is known for a time of renewal, of change, and of starting over and leaving the old behind.

This spring, as my company grows, I realize a need for change in my life. The way I do things needs to change, even though it still works fine for me. My ways are outdated ways.

New gadgets appear everyday to help make work easier. I can't remember the last time I had a new gadget. My cell phone is the last one I think, and it is a tracfone which is used only on trips for emergencies. I never give the number out, and I usually don't have it turned on. I have no idea how to text on it. One of the young adults I use to mentor lent me her phone one day. I had to ask her to dial the number and then end the conversation. These kids are a lot smarter than I am.

There is no iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or Nook in my life. My Windows XP from eight years ago just crashed. My iMac from six years ago is on its last legs, and my powerbook (Mac laptop) sits with cobwebs on it, because I never have the time to upgrade it.

Recently, I was introduced to an ergonomic chair. They are wonderful! I don't have one.

I am still lost with Twitter, even though I have an account there. Several people have attempted to educate me with that site, to no avail. Myspace, with all the blogging, is too time-consuming for me. I need to hit and run, so Facebook is what I use. I finally got the hang of it. I belong to so many places, and have no idea what to do on them or with them, here included.

Someone recommended Evernote to me. Naturally, my Mac isn't updated enough for that. Oh, to be able to use Evernote! It would make life so much easier. Or so I am told.

I still do a lot of my bookkeeping the old-fashion way: hand-written ledgers. When I go to get supplies, the sales people just shake their heads at me. I can get things done faster that way, then I can on the computer. I have to take the time to figure it out there. The old way I know what I am doing.

Trying to figure out how to hook up the DVD/VHS recorder/player to the new t.v. is daunting. Just hooking up the t.v. itself is scary. We are down to one station because we can't figure out how to get the new antennae to work. Short of standing on my head, on a ladder, holding the base an arm's length away from the t.v., I have no idea how to make it work.

Old ways and old things aren't so bad. I guess the new isn't so bad, either. It's just the time it takes to learn presents problems.

Well, spring is here with its time for change. I'm not buying into it this year. Just give me what has worked for me for over half a century, and I am happy.

Oh, wait! My birthday present was just delivered. You know, change may not be so bad. This ergonomic chair is just the cat's pajamas.


Carol Murphy Natoli said...

I think if you can do a are doing okay! I'm still trying to figure out the easiest one to use!

Becky Mushko said...

I thought I was the only one still using a tracfone. Glad to hear there are other users!

Sue D. said...

Hi Carol and Becky,

I use Blogspot and Wordpress. One is more for blogging, I believe, and the other is used more as a website these days.

I would love to have a phone I can check my email with and not have to watch minutes so closely. However, for now the tracfone is good for what I need it.

Have a great weekend!