Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Unexpected Visit - Synchronicity

L ately the name Byron has been going through my mind. We have known several Byrons over the past years. I didn't take much notice of it until last night at my book signing.

As I was telling a woman who was skeptical about someone who was trying to connect with her, she all but shouted out the name Byron. "Was it Byron?" she asked. As soon as she said that name I got excited, started shaking my head and said something to the effect that I couldn't believe she said that name. A particular person had literally leaped into my mind and, it wasn't the Byron she was talking about. It was a man my husband and I hadn't seen or talked to in years. Yet we had one of his cars in our back yard. My husband had never finished the work on it and Byron never seemed to need the car. It was though he had forgot about it. He hadn't.

Today, Byron walked into our house! It was such a joyous reunion! It was amazing at the change in him and yet, the sameness about him. I have changed so much since he last talked to me. He had talked to John several times before the silence ensued, but I hadn't. He was amazed at my book which I autographed for him. I also gave him a copy of Dr. Phillip Zedeker's book, The Wealth of Galaxies, which I am in the process of setting up to sell on eBay. Byron was thrilled with both books.

Byron was with a client north of us and he had to go out of his way to come see us. He said he felt compelled to stop in and was so glad he did. John and Byron had disposed of the car issue before they had come inside. We all caught up with each other and had a really nice visit. It was truly a pleasant surprise and a wonderful blessing!

Brian, our friend I had written about before, went with us to the book signing last night. He thought it was going to be little old ladies sitting around eating cookies and drinking tea. He got a real cultural shock! He was impressed. The book signing lasted 3-1/2 hours and they still didn't want to go home. We finally left the library at 11p.m. The book signing was quite successful in many ways. For more on the book signing go to Sue's Soul Glances.

On the way home we got stopped by the police. Seems I had a headlight out. After he stopped me we realized it was only my high-beam, not my low-beams. He handed me a written warning and actually apologized for it. It seems that they can't give out verbal warnings anymore. It all has to be in writing and when he realized it was only my high-beams he was sorry for stopping me in the first place. Brian was impressed with that also. He said he couldn't get over how I handled it. He said that I acted like it was nothing and happened all the time. He is learning that my life is totally blessed. He is becoming less skeptical about the things in our life that are so different from what he is use to.

I attempted to go to bed earlier than usual last night but just couldn't. I was up for about 22 hours before I went to bed at 10:30a.m. today. I got up about 1p.m. today. I think it was all the excitement of the book signing. Anyway, that about sums it up for today.

Until Next Time!

©2008, L. Sue Durkin

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