Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What to blog?

Well it has been about 3 days since I was last here. The newsletter took longer than I had planned. I set up a new format and the tweaking was a big job. At least I have it out and am free for a month. You can see it at:

It seems everything I had to say went into the newsletter and my Sue's Soul Glances blog. So what does one talk about other than the weather? I want this blog to be about fun and regular things: not all the deep pondering and motivational stuff I do on a regular basis; maybe some stories of things that have happened to me in the past.

Let's see. I could blog about living on a mining claim in Arizona. I could blog about teaching Country/Western dancing in Arizona. I could talk about my experiences on my 2 week bus trip, or I could blog about my life before John. I will think on it today and have something for later.

Have I whet your appetite?

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