Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Today was another interesting day. I had some ambiquous feelings. I was upset with a friend of John's, my husband. Then his friend turned around and did something nice. Then he upset me again. Then he again, did something nice. It was like a roller coaster ride. Have you had that happen with people in your life? It seems that in one day they have you coming and going! There must be lessons in their actions for us.

For me I realized that I was being too easily upset. I was allowing things to bother me that I normally would just ignore. Why? Now that was the question!

I haven't been feeling well lately and not getting enough sleep hasn't helped. Could those two elements cause my shortness of tolerance? Possibly. Could it be more? I have heard that if someone upsets you, you should look internally to see what is inside of you that they are reflecting.

Having written it down here has opened my eyes to the possibility that it isn't my husband's friend. It is me. So now I will try to sort out why he bothers me so much.

Thanks for the ear!

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Anonymous said...

I heard that same thing & it does make sense
If it bothers me about someone else, or immediately ticks me off....it must be something within myself...not easy to find a solution.
Lately I have been playing a game with myself.....
If someone is rude in the grocery store, or even if the news on TV gets to me....I try to "bless" the person or situation.
So far it does help me.