Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Seeing Life in Black and White

There has been a commercial on t.v. that I has fascinated me. It is where they show the world in black and white and then add only a spot of color. It might be a flower they color or a landscape. Whatever it is shows a remarkable contrast to the black and white background of everything else. The black and white makes the color look so vivid, beautiful, and eye-catching.

As I watch this commercial I see the colors as if for the first time. That made me think about life in general. As we have all the colors on a daily basis, do we really look at them and see them? Or, do we take them for granted? What would the world look like in black and white? I guess if you lived to see the old black and white television shows you would know.

In some ways I like those shows better than the current ones. I can use my imagination to color in the spaces. I can have purple clothes and yellow hair on whom ever I want. I am able to decorate the houses with colors that I like, not what the producer or director of the program wanted. But, what would it be like to have a black and white world, totally devoid of color?

I have tried looking at my surroundings that way. It's difficult. So I look at the scene before me, close my eyes, and try to picture it in black and white. Now that works! I then color in something. Just one thing, no more. The color I put in stands out big and bold. That color becomes so real to me! It is not obstructed by surrounding colors and getting lost in my vision. It is vibrant.

Isn't looking at life as cut and dried the same as looking at life as black and white? I mean, people who only see the cut and dried, black and white of a situation miss out on all the hues and colors in between. True life is full of colors the same as true life is not cut and dried or black and white. Unforeseen circumstances force their way into our lives making for interesting life experiences. What would life be like without them? Some people say comforting. Others say boring.

I find that people who lead a black and white life have more problems than those who lead a life with color. They are restricted by the monotony of the same old, same old. Whereas people who live a life with color, find solutions to problems faster and enjoy life so much more. It seems more happens to them. Their life is fuller.

Are you willing to see the world and life as it is meant to be seen? You need to Reboot Your Life™ in order to change from black and white to color. Are you ready?

© 2008, L. Sue Durkin

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